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Mittelstufe 2

3 Kurse
Laura Göldner
Sprachen, Integration
Daniela Honold
Sachbearbeiterin Sprachen

Englisch B2
Mi. 13.09.2023 17:15

Fortsetzung mit Unit 3, Lehrbuch: On Point Upper-intermediate English, Delta Publishing, ISBN 978-3-12-501275-2. The class is for participants who have an upper-intermediate level of English. There will be texts about various topics to read and discuss, dialogues to listen to, as well as challenging grammar and vocabulary to learn.

Kursnummer 3151CO02
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Gebühr: 65,00
65.00 Euro ab 12 Personen, 78,00 € ab 10 Personen, 97,50 € ab 8 Personen
Dozent*in: Stephanie Wolf
Englisch B2
Mo. 18.09.2023 10:00

Speaking is encouraged. If you like talking come join us on Monday morning.

Kursnummer 3151CO01
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Gebühr: 70,00
70.00 Euro ab 12 Personen, 90,00 € ab 10 Personen, 112,50 € ab 8 Personen
Dozent*in: Patricia Joy Kessler
Englisch B2/C1 Conversation
Di. 19.09.2023 10:00

Lehrbuch: In conversation III B2-C1, ISBN: 978-3-12-501557-9. Are you looking to refresh your english vocabulary? If so this class is for you - topics ranging from the power of images to living together.

Kursnummer 3151CO03
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Gebühr: 60,00
60.00 Euro ab 12 Personen, 72,00 € ab 10 Personen, 90,00 € ab 8 Personen
Dozent*in: Patricia Joy Kessler
05.12.23 07:00:20